Best Ways to Treat IBS

01 Dec

 Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition that affects the intestines, showing no evidence of illness but results in discomfort, diarrhea, constipation, cramping, bloating, and abdomen pain of varying degree.    The pain due to IBS ranges from a small to very sharp pain.    Patients will claim to have a feeling of a punch in the stomach or a heavy weight on the stomach.     There is no known illness caused by IBS, but it can affect an individual to some extent.

 IBS is the term used to describe abnormalities in the working of the bowel with examinations, blood tests and x-ray unable to show it.    Health professionals claim that IBS occurs in persons with easy to provoke gastrointestinal tracts.   Their colons are more likely to react to stimulus than other adults or children with normal colons.    Some of the things that have said to cause IBS include; fatty diets, some drugs, depression, gas, lack of proper exercise among others.

 The digestive tract of human beings can react to stimulus independent of the brain nervous system.    Intestine are capable of reacting to different stimulus on its own.

 It is hard to find the right ibsrelief treatment for IBS since every patient suffers differently and thus no uniform cure.    There used to be a treatment for IBS called Lotronex.     Unfortunately, this drug was withdrawn for use since it caused serious effects even death to some extent.    Other safer treatments have been designed where the natural method fail.    Those with IBS should always try to manage their disorder with a high fiber diet lots of water and regular exercise.     IBS patients should keep away from foods like daily, cabbages, beans, sorbitol artificial sweeteners, and fructose.

Probiotic supplements are an effective way to reduce gas and harmful bacteria.   Most healthcare practitioners recommend probiotic treatments after you have done a colon cleanse first.     Colon cleansers are highly recommended as they are non-artificial, are not risky to use and provide relief to IBS and related signs.     Using colon cleansers containing psyllium or psyllium is the best way to get your colon back to normal quickly. To get more tips on how to control irritable bowel syndrome, go to

 Colon cleansing will provide relief for bloating, water retention, and other symptoms due to IBS.    Health experts recommend colon cleanser to all people to help them have a healthy colon.    IBS is a difficult condition to live with since it is hard to get effective treatment.    The good news is that, with this right foods, exercise, sufficient water intake, and frequent colon cleansing the condition can be put under control.

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